Youth of St. James

We’re always rockin!

The St. James Youth Group is a strong presence at St. James’. They meet every Sunday morning at 9 a.m. during the program year.  They are active, vibrant, and mission oriented. The youth group hosts several events at the church, does mission work in and outside of the church, and enjoys being a part of the church family. They have roles in church leadership, convention, and enjoy taking part in diocesan functions.

and serious about our worship!

It has become a tradition at the 7:30pm Christmas Eve service for the youth of St. James to lead the entire service. The officiant, preacher, readers, intercessors, acolytes, and chalicers are all members the youth group. They will be the first to tell you they do not do this to be ‘cute’ or part of Christmas pageantry — they lead this service because it is in their heart and they take worship seriously. The senior youth member always provides the sermon and the others take their part in a role that is meaningful to them. Our priest provides the training, rehearsal, and support, while the youth leaders work behind the scenes to make sure all logistics are in place. It is always a proud and meaningful moment for all involved.